About the company

Spices, herbs and dried vegetables from Poland, Turkey, India, China …

The Aromi company is a dynamically developing company that has been on the market of spices and herbs for several years. Its location in central Poland, and more precisely on the outskirts of Kalisz, allows you to quickly reach the Final recipient.

Why us?

The AROMI company has been importing and distributing spices, herbs and dehydrated  vegetables for several years. We sell wholesale and purchase from Polish farmers. Our solidity is confirmed by a good position on the spice market and the satisfaction of numerous customers. Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, we can provide you with a solid and reliable service. Every day of our activity, we try to earn the title of the best company on the market. We do everything possible to ensure the absolute quality of our goods at a price you can afford

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We have everything you need.

The high standard of the services provided and the good quality of our products is a very important development factor for the company, therefore we strive to implement such activities that meet the requirements and expectations of our existing and future customers.

We believe that with the right product quality, timely deliveries, full responsibility and respect for customers, we are a good partner for cooperation :

  • clearly set goals and directions of action

  • care for the quality and safety of the product

  • care for the customer

  • beneficial relations and connections

  • full commitment

  • development and constant improvement of the service level