Marjoram Marjoram (Egypt) Marioram* herbs- Leafy marjoram, garden marjoram (Origanum majorana ) – a plant species belonging to the family of the pale husk-eaters (Lamiaceae Lindl. ). It comes from the Mediterranean, but currently grows wild only in Cyprus and Turkey. It is cultivated in many parts of the world. It is used as a spice, medicinal and cosmetic plant. In Europe, marjoram was a traditional symbol of love. Used by the Romans as an aphrodisiac, and was used to cast love spells. In the Middle Ages it was worn at weddings as a sign of happiness in the form of a wreath called “mountain joy”. It was used for brewing beer until it was replaced by hops. It added aroma to a wine called Hippocras, popular in medieval times. Marjoram is a cousin of oregano, it comes from the Mediterranean and is now a commonly used spice.

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