Vanilla sticks (pods), Ground Vanilla

Vanilla was used by the Aztecs to flavour their royal xocolatl drink – a mixture of cocoa beans, vanilla and honey. Cortez brought vanilla to Europe in the 16th century after he saw Montezuma drinking a cocoa-based concoction. Vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world. For its high price they are responsible, among others origin and characteristics. Vanilla gives a unique and unmistakable taste and aroma, which makes it suitable for use in the kitchen and beyond. Vanilla has many non-culinary uses, such as flavouring perfumes, cigars and liqueurs. Fresh vanilla is odorless. After the fermentation and drying process, the vanilla sticks not only smell beautifully but also take on a dark colour, with a delicate white vanilla coating. It is vanilla that is responsible for the characteristic taste and smell of vanilla.

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